Volunteering at Sunnyvale Community Services

SUMC volunteers monthly at Sunnyvale Community Services to help pack non-perishable foods in grocery bags for distribution to those families in Sunnyvale that are ‘food insecure.” Currently, one out of every three households in Sunnyvale are uncertain whether they will have enough food for their families. If you would like to volunteer with the SUMC group at Sunnyvale Community Services, sign-up below.

group of volunteers wearing yellow vests

Food Pantry

SUMC accepts non-perishable food the first Sunday of each month that is delivered to West Valley Community Services (WVCS) for the stocking of their food pantry. A WVCS barrel is located in the church sanctuary entryway on the first Sunday of the month to receive your food gifts for those in need of groceries. Personal care products suitable for Outdoor People are also accepted in the same container.

United Women in Faith (UWF)

Throughout the year, the UWF handcrafts scarves, quilts, and other handmade items.  The scarves are provided to our sisters and brothers that live outdoors for warmth. The other handmade items are sold at the annual SUMC Craft Faire to raise monies that support those in need in our community.

volunteers wearing aprons and masks waving

Silicon Valley Sponsoring Committee (IAF)

SUMC is a member of the Silicon Valley Sponsoring Committee – an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). The primary purpose of IAF is to Organize local organizations, faith institutions and non-profits, to effect change through grass roots actions. IAF determines what the basic concerns are in the community through house meetings and one-on-one conversations. Then they formulate a plan of action to address the issue with community, civic and government leaders. For instance, early in the pandemic (May 2020) an IAF action was instrumental in getting the state to extend the Earned Income Tax Credit to all California workers.