Our Values & Beliefs

All people are of sacred worth; no exceptions!

The church was born multicultural, and the Spirit of God was given to the church in a multilingual context, so we believe that God is more comfortable and pleased when we model the diversity of God’s kingdom. Therefore, we value diversity and respect the culture of individuals, as we work at building community across cultural and language barriers.

We believe that the Christian faith is formed and nurtured in the context of healthy and loving relationships.

We believe that the Christian faith is a lifelong journey with generationally specific spiritual tasks given to us all through our lives.

Our faith is expressed in community and in mission to the world, with special attention to those on the margins of society.

Recognizing that God’s grace is ultimately a mystery, we encourage people to experience God’s grace through passionate worship, small groups, the sacraments, prayer, fasting, stewardship and mission.