Pastor Jung Min Kim holding a Bible and smiling

Meet our new pastor, Rev. Jung Min Kim

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Announcement

My name is Jung Min Kim, and I am your newly appointed pastor who will be walking with you on your faith journey. I was born and raised in a Methodist pastor’s family in South Korea. At the age of 13, I encountered God personally and dreamed of ministry, so I studied theology at Methodist Theological University and the New Testament at Yonsei University Graduate School of Theology in Korea. In 2002 I came to the United States to study further for my M. Div. at Claremont School of Theology.

I have had various experiences in children’s ministry, youth ministry, college ministry, young adult ministry, and adult ministry in Korea and the United States. Until recently, I planted a new church and experienced various fruits by God.

I am a soft-spoken, calm, and introverted person, but ironically, I value new challenges and relationships. I am good at listening and being present, and I am friendly, cheerful, and optimistic. I won’t be dancing and singing in front of you, but I will be there with you. A fun fact is that I know how to play most sports with a ball!

When I first came to the United States, the thing that surprised and impressed me the most was the diversity. I loved how people of different races, languages, cultures, and lifestyles lived in harmony with each other without losing their own identities.

We are a diverse community of believers who will achieve unity in Christ. Rather than saying you are wrong because you are different from me, I want us to be a church that recognizes, respects, and embraces each other for who we are.

It’s the same for me. English is not my first language, and I am culturally very different from you. I am a stranger and a foreigner, but I want us to reach out to each other, one step at a time. I would be so grateful if you would take a step toward me, not waiting to see if I do it right, not hesitating to approach me, but taking a step toward me, so that we can get to know each other, so that we can build our vision, so that we can make this community the Kingdom of God.

We all have weaknesses. If we hesitate because of our weaknesses, nothing will change. You have weaknesses, I have weaknesses. Let’s experience us, two weak parties meeting and supporting each other.

Certainly not in our own strength. Let’s rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. The Bible describes the Holy Spirit as the wind. The wind shakes the branches. People pay attention to the swaying branches. But let us pay attention to the wind that shakes the branches – the Holy Spirit. Instead of focusing on our past and present weaknesses, let’s live out God’s will together by living the life of Jesus Christ, relying on the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Grace and Peace,
Jung Min Kim